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Here at Evidence Based Solutions we believe families struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues deserve the highest quality care available, from prevention to recovery.  We work to collaborate with you to support the use of a range of evidence based interventions in effective efficient ways.

We offer state of the art consultation, training (including clinical supervision), and evaluation services.  Our consultation ranges from preparing your organization (whether federal, state, nonprofit, or for profit) in the adoption of new practices to promoting program sustainability.  The training we offer ranges from time-limited exposure workshops to longer term coaching and clinical supervision to assure competent skill transfer.  In the age of outcome driven care, our evaluation strategies help you ensure the delivery of quality services.

Win and Jody began working together over 11 years ago in an outpatient clinic, working with adolescents struggling with substance abuse and their families. Their clinical work involved piloting the intervention model, MET/CBT 5 and 12, for the State of Vermont’s Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs.  As their work with the MET/CBT 5 and 12 models increased, they began collaborating around the dissemination of this model, including spearheading both a CSAT-funded MET/CBT 5 dissemination grant. Later, they collaborated as an integral part of another CSAT grant - a Substance Abuse treatment Coordination (SAC) grant targeting adolescent services. In 2008, Win and Jody formed Evidence Based Solutions, LLC, (EBS, LLC) formalizing their work together. Please visit other areas of the website to see past and ongoing projects in which EBS, LLC is engaged.

Jody Kamon

Jody Kamon:

I am a researcher and licensed psychologist with Evidence Based Solutions, LLC. I help community-based programs measure outcomes and implement new practices and I am also an instructor in various clinical practices including Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and family engagement.

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Win Turner

Win Turner

Win Turner:

I am a national clinical instructor, supervisor and researcher in Youth and Family Co-occurring Disorders treatment, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy as well as program and policy development.

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